BIG SNOW: Utah mountains got 700” of snow last year. Hard to imagine, right? So don’t — Experience it. close

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Planning Your Big Snow Trip

Let’s plan a powder ski trip to Utah and even help you save some time and money while you’re there. Just answer these three questions: Who? When? How much?

Across a Snow-Covered Desert: A Week-Long Winter Road Trip Itinerary through Southeastern Utah

The red rock expanse of Southern Utah is stunning in all seasons, but winter is unique. The snow nestles on desert towers and lingers in the shadows of the canyon walls. While the snow is a constant reminder of winter, mild daytime temperatures and sunny skies provide a welcome respite from frigid conditions. If winter in southeastern Utah sounds like heaven to you, let the following itinerary inspire you to map out your own weeklong trip through the desert.

Fervor on Foot: Tracking Salt Lake's Food and Spirits

There is a movement here in Utah, and it is not religious. It is rooted in the worldly senses — taste, touch, sight, smell. Salt Lake has a lively culture committed to distinguished food and spirits. And contrary to popular belief about our city, you can access much of this culture by foot. Scooters, cars, Über, Lyft, and TRAX fill up our supersized roadways, but you only need to be a biped (hint: you are one —a two-footed animal). This is a walkable town.

Adaptive Recreation: Fisher Towers River Rafting

Follow Bob Wassom, and a few others, as they raft down the Fisher Towers stretch of water near Moab proving outdoor adventures are for people of all abilities. With the help and resources of the National Ability Center (NAC), this river trek is another chapter in Wassom's story of how Mother Nature has been his great healer, both physically and emotionally.

Sundance: The Story is Utah

For Utah's Sundance Film Festival's audiences and filmmakers, the Story is Utah, one with many visions and interpretations and where revolutions are encouraged.

Making the Most of the Epic Pass

Epic Pass bills itself as A Pass for Everyone. What many don’t consider is how much really great skiing — and playing — you can do with an Epic Pass in Utah alone.

Making the Most of the Ikon Pass

The Ikon Pass is tailor-made for a ski vacation in Utah. Although you can spend your entire trip at just one stellar ski resort, your Ikon Pass and the accessibility of the Salt Lake City/Park City metro area makes it possible to enjoy them ALL.

A Local’s Guide to Logan: Northern Utah’s Outdoor Adventure College Town

Logan might seem like a sleepy stopover town, but scratch past the surface and you’ll find this little city is teeming with some of the best arts, food and outdoor adventure opportunities in the state.

Harnessing Passion: The Arctic Rescue Sled Dog Team

Once seen as “unadoptable,” these rescued pups have proven themselves unstoppable.

Insider's Guide to Park City

The more you know about Park City, the more tempted you'll be to call the valley home (or a home away from home). It's not unheard-of.

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