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Women in the Wild: Transformation and the Outdoors

Paula Colman joins a weekend retreat for women in Moab, Utah, that has an eye-catching mission: Build your tribe. Connect with your inner spirit. Transform body, mind and spirit around the theme: “Ignite the Flame Within.” Follow along as she seeks her authentic self and learn how to find your own Tribe.

Bitters Make Adventures, Oh, So Sweet

Andrea Latimer of Utah’s Own Bitters Lab fosters has crafted the perfect and ridiculously easy Moab Mint Spritzer, a “rocktail” that is popular with friends and family and, hopefully, you.

Estrogen on Adrenaline: 48 Hours in Moab, Utah's Giant Playground

When an arbiter of pop culture declares that, “40 is the new 30,” I’m stuck wondering why 50 feels like 15. I just finished 48 Hours in Moab with four “midlife” women hiking, biking, crawling and craning our necks to a star-filled sky above Southern Utah, a place where time is relative and I felt very, very young.

Remote Adventure on the Green River

Utah is home to one of the most stunning stretches of river rafting in the country. Following the path of explorer John Wesley Powell, discover whitewater rafting on the Green River, in the remote and rugged Dinosaur National Monument. The river canyons promise wildlife, wild rides and wilderness.

Where to Find the Best Snowmobiling in Heber Valley

Less than an hour's drive from Salt Lake City, Heber Valley is the perfect Utah snowmobile base camp for newbies and experienced riders alike.

Why Backcountry Snowmobiling Is an Unforgettable Way to Experience the Uinta Mountains

The Uinta Mountains are about 100 miles east of Salt Lake City and just a few minutes from Vernal in the eastern part of the state. It's one of the state's top snowmobiling destinations, allowing visitors to ride amidst some of Utah's highest peaks.

Tooele? Tuilla? The Fascinating History of this Utah Town

While the town of Tooele has a fascinating story to its name, the best part about one of Utah’s original counties is its history.

Lake Powell: Fishing (and Viewing) Nirvana

Lake Powell is a perfect blend of beautiful sandstone walls, blue waters and large fish. No matter what your fishing ability, you are almost guaranteed to catch something at this reservoir, maybe even the “big one.”

Strawberry Reservoir: Ripe for All Kinds of Anglers

With trophy-sized cutthroats and rainbows, large populations of aquatic insects and ample wade fishing opportunities, Strawberry Reservoir — affectionately called "the Berry" — really does have something for every angler’s tastes.

Exploring the Snowmobile Trails of Northern Utah

Snowmobiling is one of the most popular winter sports in Northern Utah, thanks to an abundance of snow, trails, and easy access. Here are the details on local pros who can help get you the gear or guide your adventure.

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