Nature and Wildlife


Utah is a land of contrast and variety in landscapes, in color, in precipitation, and of abundant natural, undeveloped space necessary for a healthy ecosystem full of wildlife. With more than 600 species of mammals, fishes, birds, reptiles, and amphibians, Utah has so much to offer wildlife viewing aficionados, hunters, and fisherman.

In winter, take a sleigh ride through Hardware Ranch for a chance to observe up close a herd of a thousand or more wild elk taking refuge from the harsh winter environs found in the mountains just above the valley. Cast your line into the waters of the Green River as you float through Red Canyon. Watch rainbow and cutthroat trout as they dart through crystal clear waters, so many you could imagine taking a dip and grabbing one with your bare hands. This is just the beginning, one of countless special "blue-ribbon" fishing opportunities to be had throughout the state.

Utah is a fantastic state for birders. The Great Salt Lake and its wetlands, a Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network site, is a critical annual staging area for millions of migrating waterfowl and shorebirds from the Arctic Tundra to the tip of South America! Make sure to visit Antelope Island State Park and notice countless birds as well as bison, deer, California bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope and many other Utah wildlife species.

Within this land of color and contrast, hunters are sure to find their bliss. Utah is a haven for mule deer and elk hunting, in addition to a variety of game birds, such as the wild turkey and chukar grouse. Some hunting enthusiasts choose to try their luck at obtaining one of the limited numbers of permits issued to hunt big game such as black bear, bison, or mountain lion.

Whether you're interested in seeing wildlife in its natural habitat, or a hunting and/or fishing experience bar none, Utah, with its gift of abundant, undisturbed wilderness, cannot be surpassed.

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Founded by Utah's Hogle Zoo in 2009, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR), Wildlife Protection Society (WPS), and Utah State University (USU) have partnered to develop tools to educate individuals and communities about how to live, work, and recreate safely in Utah wildlife habitats. 
Wild Aware Utah
WAU provides simple guidance and direction for Utah communities through these three main messages:
   • Be Aware of the wild: Learn about wildlife.
   • Share the wild: Respect and change behaviors.
   • Care for the wild: Take action, coexist safely and help wildlife stay wild.

Learn more by visiting Wild Aware Utah.

Plan a hunting, fishing or wildlife viewing trip to Utah and experience the great outdoors while admiring the many different species of Utah wild animals.