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Arsenic and Old Lace

Oct 17, 2014 - Nov 3 , 2014
The PG Players will continue their 30th anniversary celebration by bringing back another comedy classic, Arsenic and…
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Brent Godfrey Solo Exhibiton

Oct 16, 2014 - Nov 15 , 2014
In "Personae" Godfrey reflects upon who we are as individuals and communities. His figures move through…
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Catch Me If You Can

Oct 8, 2014 - Nov 29 , 2014
A Regional Premiere! Fresh from Broadway! This high-flying musical sings the true story of Frank Abagnale, Jr. ...is he…
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Cornbelly's Corn Maze and…

Oct 3, 2014 - Nov 1 , 2014
Cornbelly's is Utah's most popular Halloween destination. You're sure to be lost, laughin' and lovin it…
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Damn Yankees

Oct 2, 2014 - Nov 22 , 2014
This rousing musical about America's favorite pastime knocks it out of the park! Hit songs and doubleheaders tell…
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Ghostbusters (PG, 1984)

Oct 20, 2014 - Oct 20 , 2014
Three unemployed parapsychology professors decide to set up shop as a ghost removal service. But they face their…
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Haunted Hollow

Oct 20, 2014 - Oct 20 , 2014
Draper City's annual fall carnival and Halloween activities. Wear your costume and bring treat bags!
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Here and Over There: The…

Oct 10, 2014 - Dec 7 , 2014
 An exhibition from Special Collections recognizing the history and humanity of World War I,  or The Great…
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Shrek the Musical!

Oct 3, 2014 - Nov 8 , 2014
Everyone's favorite ogre is back in the hilarious stage spectacle based on the Oscar-winning smash hit film. Based…
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Strangling Brothers Haunted…

Oct 4, 2014 - Nov 1 , 2014
Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus will roll into town on Friday, September 12 with a larger and more frightening…
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The Marriage of Figaro

Oct 18, 2014 - Oct 25 , 2014
Mozart composed “The Marriage of Figaro” in 1786 to a libretto by Lorenzo da Ponte. The opera takes place…
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Oct 20, 2014 - Oct 20 , 2014
Thriller is a Halloween Spectacular – it includes all your favorite Halloween characters such as Frankenstein,…
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Oct 10, 2014 - Nov 1 , 2014
Odyssey Dance Theatre is excited to bring its popular Halloween Spectacular Thriller to several locations in…
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Wiggle Worms

Oct 1, 2014 - Oct 29 , 2014
Wiggle Worms is a lively program of stories, songs, shakers and parachutes for infants and toddlers up to 2.5 years of…
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Witch Fest

Oct 1, 2014 - Oct 31 , 2014
Historic Gardner Village in West Jordan gets bewitched for Halloween with dozens of creative life-size witches and fun…
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Utah, Weather, Climate

Utah Weather & Climate

Utah is a semiarid state with a variety of four-season climate factors. With elevations from 2,200 feet to over 13,500 feet, the terrain differs in deserts, forested mountains, and redrock canyons.

Utah Weather & Climate

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Weather Utah Suitcase Graphic
So you're coming to Utah ...

Got an eye on Utah's 
Mighty 5® national parksWondering what Zion National Park weather is like? Suitcase open. Ready to bundle like a pro, just not sure what to pack? Take a look at the regional averages below or get a feel for our four distinct seasons in "Should I Bring a Coat?" (Spoiler alert: except for summer, you should probably have a coat and a pair of gloves, though in summer the highest elevations can get a bit chilly at night.)

Weather Utah Hat Graphic

On average, the weather in Utah is quite temperate. Utah is a semiarid state with dry, high country air and plenty of sunshine. Generally speaking, Utah is best experienced with an extra bottle of water and some sunscreen. Stay hydrated and avoid altitude sickness. Your Indiana Jones adventure hat will be right at home at here as well.

Should I Bring a Coat?

Weather Spring Graphic Spring in Utah can be dramatic with a quick rainstorm or snow flurry one moment, and warm sunshine in the next. This time of year you can ski and golf on the same day and the weather in Utah's national parks is perfect. Coat for skiing. Plus fours for golfing.
 Weather Utah Summer Graphic Summer in Utah is outdoors all the time, warm days and nights. The weather in Utah's national parks, ArchesCanyonlandsBryce CanyonCapitol Reef and Zion is often quite warm, but with a little planning it is a great season to be out playing. July is the hottest month in Utah, but with an early start on the trail you can take the afternoon to rest in the shade, set up camp or grab a drink.
 Weather Utah Autumn Graphic Autumn in Utah is as colorful and varied as the seasons. With a thunderstorm here and there, it's pretty much perfect throughout The Mighty 5® national parks of Utah. Red Red Country loves the fall and everyone is out playing in Northern Utah too. Grab a layer for the evening.
 Weather Utah Winter Graphic Winter in Utah is colder but surprisingly pleasant. Most of Utah's snow is reserved for the mountains, but even our national parks love the occasional dusting of snow. In a way, winter in national parks likes Bryce Canyon and Arches is a magical season.

Regional Averages


Region Points of Interest January March May     July September November Average Annual Precipitation
Top of Utah Logan, near Bear Lake 31/11 F
-1/-12 C
48/26 F
9/-3 C
69/41 F
21/5 C
89/54 F
32/12 C
77/43 F
25/6 C
46/24 F
8/-4 C
Wasatch Range Ogden, Salt Lake Provo. Park City average 5-10 F cooler 36/19 F
2/-7 C
52/31 F
72/46 F
22/8 C
92/62 F
32/16 C
79/51 F
26/11 C
50/29 F
10/-2 C
23.3" in Park City*
Eastern Utah Flaming GorgeDinosaur NM 37/12 F
3/-11 C
49/23 F
9/-5 C
68/37 F
20/3 C
87/51 F
31/11 C
75/41 F
24/5 C
46/22 F
8/-6 C
Central Utah Fishlake NFBryce CanyonCapitol Reef NP 39/9 F
4/-13 C
50/21 F
10/-6 C
77/42 F
20/2 C
83/48 F
28/9 C
73/39 F
23/4 C
49/18 F
9/-8 C
Southeastern Utah Moab, near ArchesCanyonlands 42/18 F
6/-8 C
62/33 F
17/1 C
82/48 F
28/9 C
99/63 F
36/16 C
87/51 F
30/11 C
57/28 F
14/-2 C
Southwestern Utah St. George, near Zion 53/25 F
12/-4 C
67/36 F
19/2 C
86/51 F
30/11 C
102/66 F
37/18 C
93/55 F
34/13 C
65/32 F
Southcentral Utah Grand Staircase-EscalanteLake Powell 46/24 F
8/-4 C
62/35 F
17/2 C
83/51 F
28/11 C
99/67 F
37/19 C
87/57 F
31/14 C
57/33 F
14/1 C

*Mountain resorts receive between 300" and 500" of annual snowfall 

Planning for Extremes:

Weather Utah Arch GraphicUltimately, what to pack depends on where you're going in Utah, and what you're doing: skiing The Greatest Snow on Earth® versus golfing and fishing statewide or hiking and exploring Utah's bucket-list national parks. (Or all of the above.) You see, there is more than 11,000 feet (3,350 meters) of elevation variation across three distinct provinces. Utah ranges from the unique desert climate of the American Southwest to whiteout snow conditions on high Rocky Mountain roads.

Those are the extremes.

You may not spend much time above 13,000 feet (4,000 meters) (but our skilled guides and outfitters are happy to help you get there). Sure, you'll have to pay attention for occasional afternoon thundershowers and flash floods throughout the Red Rock Country of Utah's national parks, and if you haven't driven in snow before, well, we invite you to let our friends at Public Safety help get you through that. Otherwise, welcome to the high country!

49° F Fair
Oct 20
h 78°    L 56°