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Arsenic and Old Lace

Oct 17, 2014 - Nov 3 , 2014
The PG Players will continue their 30th anniversary celebration by bringing back another comedy classic, Arsenic and…
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Brent Godfrey Solo Exhibiton

Oct 16, 2014 - Nov 15 , 2014
In "Personae" Godfrey reflects upon who we are as individuals and communities. His figures move through…
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Catch Me If You Can

Oct 8, 2014 - Nov 29 , 2014
A Regional Premiere! Fresh from Broadway! This high-flying musical sings the true story of Frank Abagnale, Jr. ...is he…
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Damn Yankees

Oct 2, 2014 - Nov 22 , 2014
This rousing musical about America's favorite pastime knocks it out of the park! Hit songs and doubleheaders tell…
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Hallow's Eve Exhibit

Oct 14, 2014 - Nov 9 , 2014
"Hallow's Eve" Exhibit at the Urban Arts Gallery The Utah Arts Alliance is proud to present…
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Halloween Lift Rides

Oct 23, 2014 - Nov 1 , 2014
Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sundance while you soar over Halloween themed scenes and are greeted by costume-clad…
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Here and Over There: The…

Oct 10, 2014 - Dec 7 , 2014
 An exhibition from Special Collections recognizing the history and humanity of World War I,  or The Great…
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Living Legends

Jan 10, 2014 - Jan 11 , 2037
For more than 40 years, BYU students with a heritage of Native American, Polynesian and Latin American backgrounds have…
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Performing Dance Company

Oct 24, 2014 - Nov 1 , 2014
The Department of Modern Dance at The University of Utah presents an evening of faculty and guest artist choreography…
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Shrek the Musical!

Oct 3, 2014 - Nov 8 , 2014
Everyone's favorite ogre is back in the hilarious stage spectacle based on the Oscar-winning smash hit film. Based…
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The Rocky Horror Show: The…

Oct 23, 2014 - Nov 1 , 2014
The Rocky Horror Show is the world-wide cult phenomenon with music, lyrics and book by Richard O’Brian. A…
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Half Marathon, 10k and 5k

Oct 5, 2014 - Jan 1 , 2037
The North Face Endurance Challenge introduces its first ever Utah event! Trail running races include: 50M, 50k,…
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Resident on Display

Oct 10, 2014 - Nov 25 , 2014
Resident on Display: See the amazing talents of South Jordan residents as they display their artwork and photography.…
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Yoga at the UMFA

Oct 7, 2014 - Nov 18 , 2014
Renowned local yoga instructor Scott Moore leads a free yoga class in the UMFA's Great Hall. These classes will…
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Gallery Stroll

Oct 17, 2014 - Dec 5 , 2014
Galleries across Salt Lake are open for the public to meet artists and browse the exciting and thriving visual arts…
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Scenic Byway, 12, Utah, Drive

Scenic Byway 12

Utah's All-American Road is an exhilarating, 124-mile route that negotiates slickrock canyons, towering plateaus, and mountain valleys.

Utah Scenic Byways: Overview

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Sometimes roads take you from point A to point B. In Utah, the road is also the point. 

With countless high mountain vistas, sandstone canyons, prehistoric landscapes, and Native American trails, Utah's scenic byways define the open road, and define it with unfathomable diversity. Your Utah Life Elevated® driving experience starts here.

Scenic Byway Header   

Explore 2,200 Miles of Scenic Byways

Utah has 19 fantastic roadways designated as State Scenic Byways, and eight that have earned the honor of being designated National Scenic Byways. You can find an incredible scenic route no matter where you are driving in Utah. One of the National Scenic Byways, Scenic Byway 12, carries the highest honor as Utah's first and only, All-American Road.

Hogsback Scenic Byway 12

Stories from the Roads

"A Journey Down 12: Utah's All-American Scenic Byway Redifines the Road Trip"


"Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road."

—Jack Kerouac, On the Road


Explore 8 National Scenic Byways and 19 State Scenic Byways

You can explore details and maps of Utah's eight spectacular National Scenic Byways, including our All-American Road, Scenic Byway 12, as well as all 19 State Scenic Byways here, or by downloading additional information from the following links.

Downloadable PDFs or Print Information: 

All of Utah's Byways and Special Interest Routes are highlighted by region (North, Central, South) in the digital edition of the Regional Guides and Maps tab, as well as the Official Utah State Map. Print copies are available for free from the Utah Office of Tourism by calling (800) 200-1160.

You may also visit our online version of the Utah Scenic Byways Guide or click here to view a printable one-sheeter with additional information.