Utah Cycling and Biking

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Explore lift-served downhill tracks or pedal rolling paths through hills, valleys and slickrock. There are infinite trails in Utah. Discover 27 truly scenic byways or countless other routes in Utah's distinctive cities, canyons, desert and red rocks.  Learn why Utah's hottest cities and adventure gateways are nationally recognized for efforts to make city cycling safe and fun. 
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With so much terrain, choosing can be difficult. We've curated 10 routes from riders, authors and community leaders you must try.

Revisit the Tour of Utah, then follow in their path by visiting Utah. You'll be drafting behind the spirit of the world's best pro cyclists. 

Riding Utah's diverse landscapes and bicycle-friendly communities is only the beginning of your complete Utah adventure. 


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The Tour of Utah showcases some of best roads of the American West, with an emphasis on some. As the 13th-largest state in America, the Tour of Utah's 750 miles only begin to uncover the possibilities. Between the canyons of the lofty Rocky Mountains and the scenic byways of Southern Utah's Mighty 5® national parks, you'll love cycling in Utah. Should you grow weary of the road, you'll find a seemingly infinite trail system connecting Utah's national forests and public lands that is unlike anywhere else.