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Gallery Walk

Oct 10, 2014 - Jan 1 , 2037
Presented by the Cache Valley Center for the Arts, the Gallery Walk occurs in downtown Logan on the second Friday of…
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Living Legends

Jan 10, 2014 - Jan 11 , 2037
For more than 40 years, BYU students with a heritage of Native American, Polynesian and Latin American backgrounds have…
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Half Marathon, 10k and 5k

Oct 5, 2014 - Jan 1 , 2037
The North Face Endurance Challenge introduces its first ever Utah event! Trail running races include: 50M, 50k,…
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Hiking Angels Landing, Zion National Park, Utah, Hike, Red Rock

Hiking Angels Landing

One of Zion National Park's most famous and thrilling hikes, Angels Landing Trail runs along a narrow rock fin with dizzying drop-offs on both sides.

Outdoor Adventures in Utah

Is it possible to completely change one word in the English language? If so, we might substitute the word, "Utah," for "Outdoor." Aren't they basically synonymous? Let's do something exciting Utah today. Okay, it doesn't quite work, but close. You see, Utah is the premier outdoor destination for so many amazing activities. If you're thinking of hiking or backpacking, Utah has countless options. For starters, one could spend years exploring all of the nooks and crannies of just one of Utah's five national parks, seven national monuments, five national forests, 43 state parks, and 22.8 million acres of public lands, which represents approximately 42 percent of the state of Utah. These lands range from snowcapped mountains of remote mountain ranges, to wild rivers, and colorful redrock canyons, which crisscross the southern half of the state. Now, that's a lot of great outdoors and outdoor adventures ripe for the picking!

If you're interested in climbing, Utah is a landscape of renowned climbing opportunities. From the towering cliffs of Zion National Park and the Virgin River Gorge, to the red rock canyons and gorges in Southeastern Utah near Moab, to the canyons and mountains of the Wasatch and Uinta Mountain Ranges, Utah has many climbs for climbers of all ability levels.

Utah's rivers and lakes offer some of the most incredible rafting, kayaking, and boating in the country. From rivers that have carved impossible gorges, to the majesty of Lake Powell, although Utah is the second driest national in the country, our water is the most scenic.

If it's mountain biking or cycling, boating and waterskiing, or golfing, or OHV adventures, the state has abundant world renowned opportunities for all of them and more.

Utah really does seem to be synonymous with the great outdoors!

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