Established in the late 19th century by folks who traveled the Hole-In-The-Rock expedition, Bluff still has many sandstone Victorian-era homes built by these settlers. These were not the first people to settle in this valley, however. Ancestral Puebloan people built residences, farmed the flats, and lived here thousands of years ago. Today, descendants of the Mormon pioneers rub elbows with more recent settlers, Native Americans, and visitors. This village is an important stop on the Trail of the Ancients National Scenic Byway and is the beginning point for adventures on the San Juan River. Bluff hosts the Annual International Bluff Balloon Festival in January, the Navajo Fair and Rodeo in September and the Bluff Arts Festival in November.


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Bluff Balloon Festival, Navajo Fair and Rodeo, and Arts Festival,


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  • Bluff Fort Historic Site

    Hole-in-the-Rock pioneers established Bluff in 1880 and named the town after the area 300-foot sandstone bluffs. Visitors can gain a glimpse of frontier life, verdant farmland, and vast panoramic landscapes.