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Dixie National Forest, Utah, Red Rock, Petroglyph

Dixie National Forest

The Dixie National Forest occupies almost two million acres across southern Utah and has many climatic extremes. Petroglyphs and dwellings in the area attests to the presence of native populations long ago.

Dixie National Forest

 This forest stretches for 170-miles across southern Utah. Red Canyon, one of the most spectacular colored cliff canyons in southern Utah is located in the heart of the Dixie Forest. Visitors can experience its brilliant red spires and cliffs by car or by hiking one of the nature trails in the canyon. Weather-sculpted formations of limestone are contrasted by giant ponderosa pines. In a day's drive, visitors may also enjoy a hike in Pine Valley, see scenic Navajo Lake, fish at Panguitch Lake, tour the east fork of the Sevier River, or travel the scenic Boulder/Grover Road on Boulder Mountain. All areas have camping.

Southwestern Utah,1,884,507 acres

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