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Arsenic and Old Lace

Oct 17, 2014 - Nov 3 , 2014
The PG Players will continue their 30th anniversary celebration by bringing back another comedy classic, Arsenic and…
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Brent Godfrey Solo Exhibiton

Oct 16, 2014 - Nov 15 , 2014
In "Personae" Godfrey reflects upon who we are as individuals and communities. His figures move through…
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Catch Me If You Can

Oct 8, 2014 - Nov 29 , 2014
A Regional Premiere! Fresh from Broadway! This high-flying musical sings the true story of Frank Abagnale, Jr. ...is he…
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Cornbelly's Corn Maze and…

Oct 3, 2014 - Nov 1 , 2014
Cornbelly's is Utah's most popular Halloween destination. You're sure to be lost, laughin' and lovin it…
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Damn Yankees

Oct 2, 2014 - Nov 22 , 2014
This rousing musical about America's favorite pastime knocks it out of the park! Hit songs and doubleheaders tell…
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Gallery Stroll

Oct 17, 2014 - Dec 5 , 2014
Galleries across Salt Lake are open for the public to meet artists and browse the exciting and thriving visual arts…
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Gallery Walk

Oct 10, 2014 - Jan 1 , 2037
Presented by the Cache Valley Center for the Arts, the Gallery Walk occurs in downtown Logan on the second Friday of…
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Hallow's Eve Exhibit

Oct 14, 2014 - Nov 9 , 2014
"Hallow's Eve" Exhibit at the Urban Arts Gallery The Utah Arts Alliance is proud to present…
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Halloween Lift Rides

Oct 23, 2014 - Nov 1 , 2014
Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sundance while you soar over Halloween themed scenes and are greeted by costume-clad…
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Here and Over There: The…

Oct 10, 2014 - Dec 7 , 2014
 An exhibition from Special Collections recognizing the history and humanity of World War I,  or The Great…
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Little Shop of Horrors

Oct 15, 2014 - Nov 1 , 2014
 Feed the need for musical hilarity with this delicious sci-fi smash about a man-eating plant.
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Living Legends

Jan 10, 2014 - Jan 11 , 2037
For more than 40 years, BYU students with a heritage of Native American, Polynesian and Latin American backgrounds have…
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Performing Dance Company

Oct 24, 2014 - Nov 1 , 2014
The Department of Modern Dance at The University of Utah presents an evening of faculty and guest artist choreography…
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Resident on Display

Oct 10, 2014 - Nov 25 , 2014
Resident on Display: See the amazing talents of South Jordan residents as they display their artwork and photography.…
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Shrek the Musical!

Oct 3, 2014 - Nov 8 , 2014
Everyone's favorite ogre is back in the hilarious stage spectacle based on the Oscar-winning smash hit film. Based…
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Dinosaur National Monument, Utah, Fossils, Great Wall of Bones

Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaurs once roamed here and their embedded remains are visible in the largest quarry of Jurassic Period bones. Today, an array of life is found in the mountains, desert and untamed rivers.see more »


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Experience Dinosaur National Monument

Close your eyes and imagine the existence of dinosaurs here, tens of millions of years ago. First clear the scene in your mind of the buildings, the roads, the human constructions, then move rivers, plateaus, mountains and oceans into wild new landscapes, softening stone into clay and reanimating fossils into living bones. What stars burned brighter? What universal energy do you share with your terrestrial predecessors? Touch 149-million-year-old fossils and feel for yourself.

Dinosaur National Monument Banner

Come for the magnificent prehistory, stay for the outdoor adventure. Whether you have a passion for paleontology or an inkling for adventure, Dinosaur National Monument offers a full array of rich history and scenic splendor, all connected by beautiful trails, rivers or rugged backcountry.

Learn more about night skies and astronomy at Dinosaur National Monument. Dinosaur National Monument Milky Way

Get There:

Dinosaur is about 191 miles or just over three hours from Salt Lake City on eastbound U.S. Highway 40/191 | Map

Dinosaur National Monument Sign     

Dinosaur Adventures at a Glance

Dinosaur National Monument features two distinct districts with separate visitor centers. The gateway to the park's prehistory is in the Dinosaur Quarry near Jensen, Utah. Here you will uncover the world-famous fossil exhibits that give the park its name. The Canyon district extends along the Green and Yampa rivers and provides extensive outdoor recreation opportunity.

It is difficult not to marvel at the ancient history locked up in Dinosaur National Monument's breathtaking land. Dinosaur includes the largest quarry of Jurassic Period dinosaur bones ever discovered. About 350 tons of fossils and rocks, including full skeletons, have been excavated from the site. In October of 2011, the ribbon was cut on the new Quarry Visitor Center and the refurbished Quarry Exhibit Hall buildings. The Carnegie Quarry's great wall of dinosaur bones features nearly 1,500 Jurassic-era fossils and multiple interactive exhibits are featured in these modern facilities.

But you've just gotten started.

The monument, which stretches east into Colorado, is full of mapped hikes, backcountry adventures, scenic drives, and the whitewater thrills of the Green and Yampa Rivers. It is out here, away from the crowds and the built environment, where the imagination is free to run wild and you can find yourself living at the nethermost cusp of an ancient timeline. The park's magnificent Dark Skies will reveal the Milky Way. You've just experienced something primordial.

Additional Activities: Ranger-led tours, scenic drives, wildlife viewing, petroglyph hikes, heritage and archaeological sites, astronomy programs, rafting and camping. 

Dinosaur National Monument Weather and Climate

The quarry elevation hits 5,000 feet above sea level (1,524 meters) but the monument ranges from 4,700 feet to about 9,000 feet (2,743 meters). Throughout the summer, expect hot sun and warm temperatures to prevail, but that cool off significantly with elevation and at nights.

Size and History

In 1909, 20 miles east of Vernal, paleontologist Earl Douglass discovered a 200-foot-long sandbar layered with prehistoric plant and animal fossils. From 80 acres in 1915 to the present size of 210,844 acres, Dinosaur National Monument originally protected the large concentration of fossils in the quarry area, but was expanded to protect the unique geology, sublime canyons and confluence of the Yampa and Green rivers.

Dinosaur Camping and Lodging 

Visit DinosaurlandFlaming Gorge CountryCamping. The Split Mountain and Green River Campgrounds are located near the Quarry Visitor Center.

Dinosaur National Monument 

Box 128
Jensen, UT 84035
(435) 781-7700


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