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Fishing Scenic Paradise

Fish among Utah's most scenic landscapes

Many anglers say fishing is not really about the catching, but more about having an excuse to visit beautiful places. Utah anglers may have more reason than people in other states to make the statement. From high mountain wilderness lakes and streams climbing 10,000 feet above sea level to the famous red rock of southern Utah, the state not only offers diversity in species anglers can catch but also in the landscape where they pursue the fish.

These are the places families have been revisiting for generations to make memories to last a lifetime. Catching fish in these places is just icing on the cake.

Northern Utah

Central and Southern Utah

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Fishing in Utah

Utah has more than 1,000 fishable lakes and numerous fishing streams. Learn about fishing destinations, licenses and regulations.

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World-Class and Trophy Destinations

In Utah, these fishing holes are the places visitors from around the world come to experience.


Local Favorites

Check out favorite spots for local anglers across the state — all off-the-beaten-path, all full of fish.