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Top LGBTQIA+ Things to Do

See a landscape that mirrors the composition of its culture: diverse, elevated and colorful
Whether your chosen venue for seeing Utah is isolation among the mountains and red rocks or dining and drinks among friends, there is a place and countless venues for everyone here. It’s a daunting task to count the spaces to hike to, bike through, shop in, ski down, eat at, or with all things-Utah in mind, be inspired by.
And of course, don’t miss Salt Lake City. You might be surprised to learn that a larger percentage of Salt Lake City’s population self-identifies as gay than Los Angeles. The state’s Utah state capital is indeed one of the 10 gayest cities in the country, according to a recent Gallup poll. It ranked No. 7 with 4.7 percent of its people identifying as gay. If you’re surprised, you haven’t spent enough time in this gay-friendly town, known for both a hip urban atmosphere and easy access to the great outdoors.

Salt Lake City’s Rainbow Colors Fly Year Round

by Matcha

You might be surprised to learn that Salt Lake City has a higher percentage of people self-identifying as gay than Los Angeles. Surprised? It might be that you haven’t spent much time lately in this gay-friendly town.

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You live your life and devote your resources to travel, fun and friends. Now, you’re at Salt Lake City International Airport, a Lyft on the way. Meet the locals, see the weird stuff, try the local beer, see the bands and discover why #utahisrad.
  • Farmers Market and GREENbike Tour
  • Local Brews and a Show
  • Natural History
Searching for solitude? In this two-day itinerary, find unspoiled wilderness, hidden trails, open spaces and perfect peace. It's a great escape from the hustle and bustle.
  • Cedar Breaks National Monument
  • Dixie National Forest
  • Dark Skies Bryce Canyon
  • Capitol Reef National Park
Utah’s capital city boasts a unique history. It is rich in frontier history for sure but its story didn’t end (or begin) there. Experience the many layers of history, prehistory and contemporary culture.
  • Temple Square
  • Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Natural History Museum of Utah
  • Red Butte Gardens