Hike Kanarraville Canyon Falls

A stunning slot canyon with one of the most photographed waterfalls in Utah
The majestic red rock cliffs surround you from the moment you step foot on the trailhead, and all along the dirt path towards Kanarra Canyon. When you eventually reach the slot canyon, it seems to rise out of nowhere.
The Kanarraville Canyon is ideal for travelers, because it is non-technical, and a great way to see a multi-hued canyon without much driving or physical exertion.

Trail Description

Once you start hiking you can go for as long or as short a hike as you like depending on your comfort level in the canyon. This hike is great because it becomes scenic rather quickly, so you don’t have to travel to far if you don’t want. At just under two miles in, you’ll get to the first waterfall, a popular spot for photographers. A tree limb is fastened with wooden 2x4s to make a rustic, neat ladder that sits right next to the gushing falls. For photos with beautiful coloring and that glassy water look, bring a lightweight tripod, and hang out for a while.

Within another .1 mile, you’ll see a second waterfall. Here, you can climb up a rope (though no guarantee it’s still there when you visit) to get to the other side. Continue onward for about a half-mile for a swimming hole with a fun, mossy rock slide. This is a great turnaround point, but be sure to spend some time taking in the towering red canyons walls. Your total trip will come in at approximately 4.4 miles and will likely take four to five hours, depending on how often you stop for photographs, exploration and snacks.


Descending and ascending the two 10-foot waterfalls does require a bit of sure-footedness. You’ll have to trust handmade wooden ladders, ropes bolted to the canyon and other people’s slings, where you take risk into your own hands. That said, anyone with a bit of wilderness hiking experience and relatively good fitness will likely feel safe. 


  • Before entering the slot canyon (and throughout your hike), you’ll cross creeks with up to knee-deep water, so be sure to wear good water shoes.
  • Summer is the best time to visit this trail, because the water is warmest.
  • Hiking permits are required (see below)
  • Like all slot canyons, do not take this hike if it is raining or threatening rain due to the risk of flash flooding.
  • Dogs are not permitted on this hike.


The Kanarraville Canyon Falls Trailhead is due east of the town of Kanarraville. From Cedar City, take 1-15 South and then exit at Kanarraville. From Kanarraville, you can either park at City Hall and walk to the trailhead (which will tack almost 1.5 miles more on to your hike), or take 100 North. This road turns into 250 North, and will lead you straight to the trailhead. The parking lot can get busy, so you may have to backtrack and park somewhere along the road. (If you decide to park at City Hall, the address is 40 S. Main St., Kanarraville, Utah 84742. If using a GPS, make sure you put in the town and zip code, or you may end up at the same address in Cedar City instead.)

Permit, Fees and Coordinates

Hiking Kanarra Falls requires a hiking permit. Permits can be purchased for $12 per person online at kanarrafalls.com. The permit includes parking at both the Town and Sweet Spot parking lots. If available, hiking permits may be available at the Kanarra Falls trailhead during staffed hours, but the transaction will be credit card/debit only. No cash transactions will be allowed and there are no refunds.

There is one group permit available per day for nonprofits that allows up to 30 people in the group. The cost is $25 per group. Advance reservation through kanarrafalls.com and proof of nonprofit status (IRS tax designation letter or state tax exempt certificate) are required. The group permit is not available to commercial tours and outfitters. Commercial operations must purchase the $8 per person permit for their guests.

GPS Coordinates: 37.5363, -113.165

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