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Winter Vacations with More Mountain Time

It’s time to plan your winter break, a break from … everything, and we’re going to make it easy by choosing Utah. Come enjoy More Mountain Time®, whether it is on a ski slope, a snowshoeing trail or in an alpine spa destination. In Utah, a Pueblo name that means “people of the mountains,” we’ll show you how to take a break from whatever work, weather, the world or just about anything else throws at you.

Ski Planning During COVID-19


Utah Is Your Easy Winter Vacation Destination (and We All Could Use Easy)

Written by Paula Colman

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Whether you’re looking for a break, vacation or quest for fun this winter, Utah is the place, as always, for adventure — whatever you plan to do or wherever the trail takes you along the way.

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Safe Ski Travel

Utah sometimes seems like the responsible one compared to its sibling neighbors. We’ll own that: we’re more function than fashion, and we like to be prepared. This ethos allows us to stay outside longer and explore farther. A ski season during a pandemic is no exception. Every resort and community has tailored proscriptions and precautions so everyone can recreate safely and responsibly.

Planning During COVID-19 Responsible Travel

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5 Days

Ski Southern Utah: High Alpine Trails + Red Rock Wonder

Southern Utah is home to two high-elevation ski areas that contain generous helpings of what we call (with authority) The Greatest Snow on Earth®. Things can be a little quieter down here this time of year. Give yourself at least five days to combine the thrills of Southern Utah skiing and boarding with exploring the wintertime wonders to be found in Utah’s red rock country.

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4 Days

Ski City Downhill + Downtown

Big city amenities support 10 different resorts within an hour of SLC International, which means the best in downhill meets the best in downtown.

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3 Days

Powder Dreams

A three-day ski vacation itinerary with quick access to some of Utah's best ski resorts for fresh powder.

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4 Days

Weekender Ski Park City

So you've made the decision to ski Park City for a weekend. That decision alone will be rewarded with three resorts that eclipse over 9,000 acres of Utah's renowned skiing and riding.

Non-ski Winter Activities, Olympics, Ski and Snowboard, Solitude, Urban Experiences


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