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by Visit Utah | Aug 26, 2016

In this part of the country, it's a rare day that isn't ideal for a bicycle ride. On two wheels, the West Desert comes alive with unexpected diversity of terrain and native flora on a road that is better experienced in slower motion. Then, … Read More

by RootsRated | Aug 26, 2016

Looking to cross some new species off your fishing bucket list? Then cast a line on Boulder Mountain. From trophy trout to tiger trout and the Arctic grayling, all are here for the catching; the beautiful scenery and cooler summer temps are… Read More

by RootsRated | Aug 26, 2016

A dream stream in many a fisherman’s eyes, Logan River is a diverse angling destination where many possibilities await. The ambiance of this northern Utah stream and the variety of fish make it worth exploring. Read More

by RootsRated | Aug 26, 2016

The old adage about not knowing what you might hook into is appropriate at this massive fishery resting in red rock canyon country. Lake Powell is a perfect blend of beautiful sandstone walls, blue waters, and large fish. No matter what you… Read More

by Andrew Dash Gillman | Aug 18, 2016

Follow Lamar Guymon of San Rafael Country Adventures out to the Wedge Overlook, the Little Grand Canyon Overlook, and down Buckhorn Wash into the rugged San Rafael Swell of Central Utah. Read More

by Andrew Dash Gillman | Aug 10, 2016

Much of Central Utah feels completely free-form. It is a place that invites both exploration and interpretation. It is a place where questions are many and answers are elusive. Yet there are exposed secrets everywhere. These secrets unify … Read More

by Visit Utah | Aug 9, 2016

Watch Katy Perry's "Rise" music video, and then discover more things to do and see at the video's incredible locations: Sand Hollow and Snow Canyon state park. Read More

by Sonya Doctorian and Andrew Dash Gillman | Jul 14, 2016

Rich in history, the ceremonial baskets are imaginative and tightly woven — and very labor intensive. Read more to get to know a few of the basketmakers. Read More

by RootsRated | Jul 5, 2016

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by RootsRated | Jun 7, 2016

Whether you come for the water sports, the fishing, or the elbow room, boating on Flaming Gorge offers everyone a chance to unwind and experience the same magical light, color, and country that John Wesley Powell’s Expedition found nearly a… Read More

Showing 1-10 of 114
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