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Deer Valley Artisan Cheese begins with fresh local milk for optimum flavor. Drums of fresh, raw cow’s milk from Heber Valley Cheese, located in nearby Midway, Utah, come in daily, along with goat’s and sheep’s milks from the Salt Lake and Sanpete valleys. From there, resident cheesemaker Corine Coniglio nurtures nine artisan cheeses slopeside, which means she can get a few ski runs in the morning then get right to work.

In this People Behind the Resort profile, follow Tim La Marsh and the Snowbasin groomers as they polish trails in the dark. The unsung heroes of the mountain, groomers prettify the main veins of the resort, making for safe and fun routes. Most of the magical snow polishing happens while you were sleeping.

Along with hiking shoes, sun screen and water bottle, it helps to take along a vivid imagination and a real sense of adventure when heading for Moab, Utah. Moab is, after all, not your typical retreat. Known for big adrenaline, Moab also offers a diverse range of activities to appeal to almost any age and level of adventure.

Do you want to traipse through deep powder in the backcountry, scaling peaks, or is a snowshoe run on packed trails more your style? Or maybe, it’s somewhere in the middle where you’d like to snowshoe through a peaceful forest for 30-minutes, connecting with the Zen of nature. All these options are available close to the city, in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains.

in this People Behind the Resort profile, 13% Salt author and photographer Austen Diamond spends a day getting to know Fred Barbier the director of resort dining at Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort who has amassed one of the largest wine collections in Utah.

Every Saturday from May through Labor Day weekend, weather dependent, crowds ranging from 100 to 500 people gather at Cedar Break’s main overlook, Point Supreme, to gaze up at the region’s amazing dark skies and explore the stars and the planets that make up the solar system.

The barren landscape and plains that sit east and south of Capitol Reef National Park appear in your sci-fi favorites. From the 1960s Planet of the Apes to 2012’s John Carter, Utah’s landscapes have provided film locations with everything from tranquil and beautiful to disconcertingly alien.

Bear Lake’s charms are pretty apparent for anyone interested in the outdoors, water sports, cute small towns or fresh-picked raspberries. But beyond a lovely azure freshwater lake surrounded by cool hiking trails and berry stands, the area has a few special historic sites that you might miss if you didn’t know better.

For travelers in the Cedar City area, look no further than the Kolob Canyons corridor of Zion National Park. It requires some extra effort to explore Kolob Canyons, but it is well worth it. Learn how and when to experience the lesser-visitor corner of Zion.

Millions of people visit Temple Square to admire its majestic architecture and colorful gardens. While visitors may not enter the Temple, the grounds and buildings are dynamic works of art, manifesting creativity in the placement of every brick, the carving of every statue, and the planting of every flower. Top attractions include Mormon Tabernacle Choir performances and the Family History Library.

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