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Antelope Island's Bison Roundup

Antelope Island's annual bison round-up takes place in relative obscurity, on a stunning landscape from another geologic era, making this event a wonderful opportunity to view bison close-up. Watching an authentic roundup is like being on the set of an old west movie or transported to a distant era — yet it’s only 25 miles northwest of Salt Lake City International Airport.

Year-round Vibrance on the Nebo Loop Byway

One of Utah's best paved byways through the high elevation of the Wasatch Front is the Nebo Loop National Scenic Byway. From a winter snowmobiling and snowshoeing destination to a summer and fall cyclist and hiker's paradise it is a presentation of intoxicating flavors and vibrant colors set against diverse and otherworldly backdrops.

Panguitch Lake's Literal "Big Fish"

Nearby Utah landmarks like Bryce National Park might get plenty of attention, but the trout-rich waters of this pristine lake offer an appeal all their own for avid anglers. Some of the state’s most prized fish are pulled from the lake’s waters, and ice-fishing keeps the action going strong all year long.

Riding With TJ Eisenhart

Hear the compelling story of TJ Eisenhart and his lifelong love of the Tour of Utah as he prepares for the race in August 2017. The seven-day-long Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah is one of the most prestigious professional bicycle stage race events in the world and is the most renowned international cycling event following the Tour de France. Learn what makes the Tour of Utah special and how to follow along.

6 Steps to a Family MTB Trip on Canyonlands' White Rim

Our crew of eight mountain bikers were headed out on Canyonlands’ 100-mile White Rim Trail for three days and two nights. The only provisions available in the Island in the Sky backcountry are what you pack yourself. Here’s everything you need to know to plan your own trip.

Unearthing an Ancient Civilization

When road crews built I-70 through Central Utah, they uncovered one of the largest-known Fremont culture villages to date. Today, a well-curated museum showcases the incredible discover and hiking trails explore the petroglyphs and pictographs on the rock walls of this scenic canyon. Meanwhile, a tucked-away campground offers tranquil nights beneath pristine dark skies.

A Closer Look at North Fork Park

Welcome to North Fork Park, one of Utah’s multiple International Dark Sky Parks, just minutes from downtown Ogden. While it is best known for its stunning scenery where hikers and Nordic skiers can meander the trails swirling through the mountainous Ogden Valley, its biggest attraction lies in the voluminous sky directly above.

Ogden's Star is Rising

Ogden has always felt like a city apart from the rest of Utah. "Still Untamed” is its new motto reinforcing the independence and diversity established by railroad lines intersecting downtown during the 19th century. Follow author Paula Colman as she gets to know Ogden’s accessible and affordable urban-to-adventure lifestyle, easily combining the metropolitan cityscape with renowned dark skies.

A Family Mountain Bike Expedition on the White Rim Trail

Three days, three generations. Follow along as a mom, a preschooler and a grandfather mountain bike Canyonlands’ 100-mile White Rim Trail. Far from civilization, the Island in the Sky backcountry provides expansive views, starry night skies, and plenty of adventure.

6 Utah Music Festivals Adding a Soundtrack to Your Road Trip

Music is deeply entrenched in Utah's cultural lifestyle. For example, read about Utah's capital, Salt Lake City, and you'll soon discover it's one of a handful of cities its size that is home to a professional ballet, symphony and opera, alongside multiple theater companies, dance companies, America's choir and so much more. Music is as much a part of Utah's landscape as our iconic mountains and arches. Discover some of Utah's music festivals here.

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