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5 Utah Music Festivals Adding a Soundtrack to Your Road Trip

Music is deeply entrenched in Utah's cultural lifestyle. For example, read about Utah's capital, Salt Lake City, and you'll soon discover it's one of a handful of cities its size that is home to a professional ballet, symphony and opera, alongside multiple theater companies, dance companies, America's choir and so much more. Music is as much a part of Utah's landscape as our iconic mountains and arches. Discover some of Utah's music festivals here.

Reclaiming the Stars

The state of Utah is currently guiding 12 state parks through an application and accreditation process to become certified International Dark Sky Parks — that’s more than a fourth of Utah’s 43 state parks. It’s a testament that Utah’s state parks are reclaiming the stars for its residents and visitors.

See the World, Change the World

Dean Cardinale’s catalytic idea for the Human Outreach Project was simple, yet impactful: Trekkers could — and should — give back to the communities in which they travel.

Adapt, Access, Success

“When people think of a ‘disability,’ a lot of the time, they think about what a person can’t do,” says Gail Barille, CEO of National Ability Center, “But at NAC, we think of it as a differing ability.” The emphasis being on what the person can do.

V Is for Variety

Gary Vlasic is the lead luminary at the multidisciplinary creative studio called V. Project. For Vlasic, adapting — or, perhaps, being ahead of the curve — comes naturally. He also espouses the pros for utilizing the accessibility and affordability of his hometown, Salt Lake City to create: "Here, there’s breath and hunger and space where you can pursue your ideas.”

The Spice of (a New) Life

The International Rescue Committee Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County launched Spice Kitchen incubator in 2013 after members of the local refugee community requested support to start a business — now those business dreams are part of the capital city's culinary landscape.

Legacy and Craft

Three horse saddles help to tell the tale of master saddler Glen Thompson’s long career. These custom-built horse saddles epitomize craftsmanship, longevity, beauty, as well as the distinct means by which folk art is passed down through the generations. Read the story of the saddles and the tradition of saddle making in Utah.

Roaming Grand Staircase–Escalante

Ace Kvale is a photographer and guide in Boulder, Utah. Whenever possible, he roams Utah's Grand Staircase–Escalante National Monument (GSENM). Along for most of his wanderings is Genghis Khan.

10 Utah Road Cycling Routes to Ride Now

There are many ways to see and explore Utah. Our favorite? Under our own power, and from the saddle of a road bike. To help get you started, here are 10 short descriptions of great routes throughout Utah.

Theater isn’t just a job for Richie Call — it’s a way of life and the family business. Four generations of the Call family have made the theater their home, from Richie’s grandfather, W. Vosco Call, who founded the Old Lyric Repertory Company in 1967, to Richie’s own four children who are just now beginning to explore the stage.

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