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Learn to Ski (and Ride) Better

Classes and instruction aren’t only for little kids and beginners. Investing in a little personal time with a ski instructor early on in your trip can not only help you improve your skills, but also give you valuable insight into the mountain, especially if it’s one that’s new to you.

8 Utah Hikes for Leaf Peeping and Natural Splendor

These top high-elevation forested hikes are opportunities to more than slow down and appreciate Utah's scenic splendor: They ask you get out of the car and set out on foot to wander deep into the natural landscapes and vast wild places that give definition to our lives.

11 Utah Scenic Byways for Leaf Peeping

When it comes to Utah, travelers pursue the foliage road-less-traveled. Often overlooked for New England or the Smoky Mountains, Utah’s wide array of forests and national parks — each located at different elevations and receiving varying amounts of rainfall — make for a diverse foliage spectacle. Here are 11 scenic byways for your next Utah road trip.

Forgotten History and Wild Horses in the Heart of the West Desert

An outpost in the west desert, Delta, Utah, offers easy access to the distinct outdoor adventure and western heritage of the Great Basin. The recently opened Topaz Museum recounts the troubling history of Japanese-American internment during World War II while the desert landscape blossoms with discover ranging from wild horses and rock hounding to solitary hikes.

Cycling the Alpine Loop

Describing one of his favorite sections of the 20-mile mountainous ride through the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, professional cyclist TJ Eisenhart says, “You come around a right bend and the whole mountain range seems like it’s giving you a bear hug. It just opens up.”

Cross-country Skiing in the Tracks of Olympians

Soldier Hollow was the site 2002 Winter Olympic Games biathlon and cross-country ski events. Follow author Cody Kirkland as he learns to to cross-country ski — or "jog on snow" — on a course steeped in Olympic history, in the placid and scenic Heber Valley. And you can too: It's less than an hour from Salt Lake City and 30 minutes from Park City.

8 Elevated Ski Experiences That are Uniquely Utah

If you dream of the possibility of hitting six resorts in one day or carving your own lines from snow-covered summits served by helicopters, then this listicle is made for you.

Urban Vibe and Funeral Potatoes

Garage On Beck is somewhat out of the way and tucked among oil refineries, yet stretch your neck and you can almost see the state Capitol Building. At first glance, one is given the impression of a dingy biker bar. But step inside for live music and quintessential — yet made from scratch — bar food and experience Salt Lake's urban vibe.

Capturing the Milky Way: Kodachrome Basin by Night

Head out on a night sky photo shoot with amateur photographer Prajit Ravindran and see why Utah’s Kodachrome Basin State Park deserves the Kodak film-inspired title.

Antelope Island's Bison Roundup

Antelope Island's annual bison round-up takes place in relative obscurity, on a stunning landscape from another geologic era, making this event a wonderful opportunity to view bison close-up. Watching an authentic roundup is like being on the set of an old west movie or transported to a distant era — yet it’s only 25 miles northwest of Salt Lake City International Airport.

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