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A Guide to the Many Faces of Utah's Green River

The mighty Green River carves a path through a dramatic and varied landscape of mountains, canyons and desert for 730 miles across Utah. Whether you have a few hours or a few weeks, experience the diversity of this river yourself by getting on the water.

3 Hikes That Showcase the Raw, Dramatic Beauty of the High Uintas Wilderness

The High Uintas Wilderness features Utah’s highest mountains and some of the state’s most stunning alpine views. Take to the backcountry on these hiking trails that will take you through ponderosa pine to see tranquil lakes and lofty peaks in the ruggedly beautiful Uinta Mountains.

The Lowdown on Ice Climbing in Maple Canyon

With routes ranging from approachable to challenging, Maple Canyon is one of Utah’s most beloved ice-climbing destinations. Take advantage of the variety of climbing available to enjoy this scenic winter climbing destination.

Exploring Utah's Little Sahara

Utah’s stark and beguiling Sevier Desert is home to the Little Sahara Recreation Area, an unforgettable destination for ATV enthusiasts looking to tackle the region’s iconic sand dunes. With camping, nature trails and options for sandboarding and skiing, it’s a unique way to explore this little-visited part of the state.

Weaving Through Granite Mazes

The Mineral Mountains, one of Utah’s most magnificent but least known natural wonders, offer superb hikes through a rugged granite wonderland of cliffs, domes and valleys. Backcountry trails beckon with the chance to discover precious gemstones, climbing routes and airy summits with expansive views across southwestern Utah.

How to Have a Wintertime Yurt-to-Yurt Excursion in the La Sals

Utah's La Sal Mountains have long been a summertime escape from the Moab heat, but they are also an excellent winter destination, with yurts available to help you explore this scenic range with one of the country's most country’s most iconic views.

More than Downhill Skiing

Winter in the Ogden Valley showcases some of the best of Northern Utah, from backcountry trails to downtown eats and events. No matter what kind of winter adventure you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in Ogden.

For a Peaceful & Primitive Getaway, Explore the Waters of Piute State Park

Piute State Park is a water lover's paradise that happens to be surrounded by desert foothills and Utah’s splendid mountains.

Chasing Waterfalls in Utah Valley

Waterfalls are one of nature’s most spectacular shows, and Utah Valley offers more viewable waterfalls than any other Utah area. Even more enticing? They’re a quick road trip and easy hike away from the Wasatch Front. Check out the 8 best waterfalls in Utah Valley and prepare to be amazed.

Cycling the Centennial Trail

The Centennial Trail forms a loop around Ogden, Utah, linking together the greenbelts along the Ogden and Weber rivers. Along the way, this network of trails brings cyclists to some of Ogden’s main attractions and provides a unique way to build a custom tour with stops at various points of interest.

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