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How To Experience Utah Virtually

During this season of social distancing and staying safe at home, we have created a round-up of virtual experiences to bring arts, music, culture, entrepreneurship, nature and more to you at home. We encourage you to take an adventure today, whether with kids, your doggo or solo, and experience Utah virtually, feeling that jolt of Utah-inspiration run wild inside you.

You Are Where You Eat: Salt Lake Latino’s Perfected Flavors

Whether you are a long-time resident of Utah or just dropping by for a few, skip past Taco Bell. Here is a guide for a day — or weekend — packed with some of the valley’s best Latino cuisine, brought to you by the same brown hands who have cared and perfected their flavors for centuries.

Want Wine? Utah Has an App for That!

“It’s like PokemonGo for wine lovers,” I told my husband as he downloaded the app from Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (DABC).  Introduced in 2019, the UT DABC App (yes, it needs a catchier name) for Apple or Android, allows customers to search for and locate any wine, beer or spirit in its entire statewide inventory.

How to Visit Utah’s Most-Visited Forest

Visitors have a responsibility to limit their impact to the forests of Utah as much as possible to protect resources and to ensure a quality experience for future visitors. Part of that responsibility is making sure you return home safe from your adventure. Here are some tips on how to stay safe and limit this negative impact on the environment.

Following the Markings of Native American History

A road trip is a great way to explore the markings of ancient native history — in addition to seeing some of the most amazing scenery in the country. You can spend your time hiking among Utah’s most beautiful landscapes while learning about the people who came before us.

Paradise and Slickrock

Read an excerpt from Stephen Trimble's "The Capitol Reef Reader," a guide helping readers to more fully appreciate Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. This atypical guidebook does not include trail, dining, or lodging information. Rather, "The Capitol Reef Reader" offers an incredible wealth of information in the essays Trimble has pulled together for this collection — essays by writers such as Clarence Dutton (who traveled the Southwest with Major John Wesley Powell), Ed Abbey, and the literary conservation giant, Wallace Stegner.

Ski into Summer: Mountain Resorts in Transition

From the best places to extend your skiing into the spring to optimal sports and adventures to which to turn when the weather warms up, and even great incentives for shoulder and summer season — here are ideal ways to make the best of the changing seasons in Utah.

What to Wear on a River Rafting Trip

Bridesmaids Gone Boating

If you and your bride tribe are more outdoorsy than indoorsy, consider booking a whitewater rafting trip in southern Utah instead of club night at a casino. Half-day, full-day, and multi-day river trips are easy to plan and are great for groups of all sizes and abilities.

Wine, Women and Why-the-Heck-Utah!

Finding great wines in Utah may still be a surprise for some, but that view is quickly changing with help from a pioneering wine merchant based in Salt Lake City.

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