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Eat Your Way Through Utah

Good food and drink is worth celebrating, and Utah is filled with festivals that highlight the state’s agricultural products, local brewers, winemakers and other creators of delicious dishes. You’ll find festivals and events featuring all kinds of agricultural products all over Utah, but here are 10 of the best to sample what the state has to offer.

Many-Sizes-Fit-All within Salt Lake City’s Growing Subcultures

Explore Salt Lake City’s alternative entertainment through the lenses of its celebrated subcultural music and art scene. Every one of these concerts, festivals or even club nights promises something new, different and even unforgettable for visitors to Utah. To catch these sights and sounds all you have to do is venture downtown.

Songbirds, Shorebirds and Migrating Birds, Oh My!

The Eccles Wildlife Education Center, sandwiched between Utah's Wasatch Mountains and the Great Salt Lake’s Antelope Island State Park, opened in 2018 and has become a bucket-list destination to see, study and photograph the state's diverse animals.

Best Dude Ranches in Utah

Today’s dude ranches are still one of the best ways to experience the spirit of the Wild West. Usually at an all-inclusive price, ranches offer everything from horseback riding and cattle driving to massages, dancing and good old home cookin’. The attraction for visitors is the opportunity to explore trails by day, and relax around a campfire beneath a blanket of stars at night.

6 Surprising Activities That Take Place at The Homestead Crater

There is a hidden underground cave about an hour outside of Salt Lake City in Heber Valley. One of Utah’s most unique destinations, The Homestead Crater is a geothermal hot springs that lives inside a 55-foot dome of limestone rock. The temperatures here sit at a balmy 90-96 degrees year-round. The springs’ size — 65 feet deep and 400 feet wide at the base — and warm temps make The Crater a bastion of activities in addition to the traditional hot springs soak.

How to Stay Safe and Stoked as a Solo Woman Traveler

Tips to help keep solo women travelers safe on road trips and outdoor adventures. From a gear checklist to suggestions about where to camp and how to handle stressful situations, writer and photographer Elisabeth Brentano shares her experiences.

Salt Lake's Tattoo Scene: Inclusivity is the New Frontier

Salt Lake City is the new frontier of the tattoo industry, with strengths in the styles of American Traditional and New School. Between Ashley Love of Yellow Rose Tattoo and Gheybin Cornish of Everybody Tattoo Studio, this lively urban scene is especially attentive to inclusivity. The annual Salt Lake City Tattoo Convention hosts over 400 artists from all over the United States, helping to make Salt Lake a major hub for getting world-class tattoos.

How to Slow Travel in Utah

No need to book a rushed trip. Consider slowing down your travels and visiting one destination over the course of a week with these tips from frequent travelers.

A Photographer’s Guide to Mindful Travel

With blazing red rocks in almost unfathomable formations, brilliant blue skies and breathtaking lighting, the Utah desert is a photographer’s dream. It’s also a very fragile place. Photographers can take a few simple steps to care for this unique environment while getting great shots.

Hike + Dine: Provo

If you’re planning a trip to Provo or just passing through, here are some of the best hikes and some of the best dining options to get you immersed in the unique duality of the city.

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