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Utah’s Scenery Offers A Backdrop for Inclusive Family Camping

Breath-taking scenery makes Utah a beacon for that iconic American vacation — the family camping trip. Park programs help visitors enjoy the outdoors, and many amenities are accessible for people with disabilities. Outdoor activity accessibility means that entire families can enjoy the outdoors together. No one has to sit out or stay at home.

Elevate Your Hiking with Mindfulness

Mindfulness and nature can alleviate stress while increasing creativity and focus. Incorporating simple mindfulness techniques into your next hike can take the edge off anxiety and enhance your overall well being.

How to Backcountry Camp Responsibly

Like something from a fantasy novel, the Gates of Lodore in Eastern Utah are a towering passageway that transports curious river explorers deep into Utah’s untouched wilderness. To experience the full magic of the Gates and keep them untouched for future explorers to enjoy, here are four tips on how to camp more thoughtfully in the backcountry.

A Grand Tour of the San Rafael Swell

Every year, the San Rafael Swell’s hidden wonders draw us. This grand tour goes into the heart of the Swell from north to south, connecting the uplift’s spectacular views with playful slot-canyon hikes, bike excursions, rock art, dinosaur bones, and soft-serve cones in town.

It’s About Time We All Unplugged

After months of being grounded and at home, we’ve all been disconnected from each other but connected permanently to our devices. It’s time to pull the plug—literally. In Utah, you can find far-flung places to reset, wellness resorts that promote digital detox, and destinations where you can swap screen time for much-needed adventure time.

Make Your Next Trip A Volunteer Vacation

At the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, you can enjoy a getaway to a stunning region of southern Utah while also making a difference in the lives of rescued pets and wild animals. Go home with a new pup or just spend a few days with a furry friend who needs love perhaps as much as you do.

Eat Your Way Through Utah

Good food and drink is worth celebrating, and Utah is filled with festivals that highlight the state’s agricultural products, local brewers, winemakers and other creators of delicious dishes. You’ll find festivals and events featuring all kinds of agricultural products all over Utah, but here are 10 of the best to sample what the state has to offer.

Many-Sizes-Fit-All within Salt Lake City’s Growing Subcultures

Explore Salt Lake City’s alternative entertainment through the lenses of its celebrated subcultural music and art scene. Every one of these concerts, festivals or even club nights promises something new, different and even unforgettable for visitors to Utah. To catch these sights and sounds all you have to do is venture downtown.

Songbirds, Shorebirds and Migrating Birds, Oh My!

The Eccles Wildlife Education Center, sandwiched between Utah's Wasatch Mountains and the Great Salt Lake’s Antelope Island State Park, opened in 2018 and has become a bucket-list destination to see, study and photograph the state's diverse animals.

Best Dude Ranches in Utah

Today’s dude ranches are still one of the best ways to experience the spirit of the Wild West. Usually at an all-inclusive price, ranches offer everything from horseback riding and cattle driving to massages, dancing and good old home cookin’. The attraction for visitors is the opportunity to explore trails by day, and relax around a campfire beneath a blanket of stars at night.

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