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Winter in Southern Utah: Peak Relaxation

Southern Utah is known as a summer paradise, but the winters are also fantastic. When cool temperatures roll in, the crowds roll out, and visitors can find solitude while hiking trails and relaxing at overlooks to enjoy stunning sunsets.

Utah has long been home to The Greatest Snow on Earth®. Now, it has become the epicenter for Epic Pass, Ikon Pass and several other multi-resort ski passes. With 15 world-class venues in the State and dozens more within a day’s drive, Utah should be your gateway to adventure on and off the slopes. Discover from Utah locals how to max out your pass, chase the powder, and live the dream. Yes, we get a little excited about our snow. Discover why when you visit Utah.

Big Snow. Gotta Go.

Every winter, magazines and social media show skiers slicing through billowy, chest-deep snow. They’re probably in Utah, where favorable terrain and easy access to over a dozen resorts make it possible for locals and guests to find their own powder paradise regardless of time or budget. Even better, you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy The Greatest Snow on Earth®. Just go! Here’s how...

Planning Your Big Snow Trip

Let’s plan a powder ski trip to Utah and even help you save some time and money while you’re there. Just answer these three questions: Who? When? How much?

Touring Dixie's Parklands and Natural Wonders

Follow this winter guide through the dune fields and deep canyons of Dixie's parklands and natural wonders in Southeastern Utah.

A Winter Road Trip Through Southeastern Utah

The snow nestles on desert towers and lingers in the shadows of the canyon walls, a constant reminder of winter. Yet mild daytime temperatures and sunny skies provide a welcome respite from frigid conditions. If winter in southeastern Utah sounds like heaven to you, let the following itinerary inspire you to map out your own weeklong trip through the desert.

Logan Canyon Trail Guide Roundup

Put on your hiking, biking or climbing shoes. We’re walking you through some of the best places to adventure on your trip through Logan Canyon.

Adaptive Cycling in Colorful Cache Valley

Bob Wassom revisits his roots while adaptive cycling on an e-trike through Cache Valley, Utah. His inspirational ride is full of color, variety, scenery and history.

Fervor on Foot: Tracking Salt Lake's Food and Spirits

There is a movement here in Utah, and it is not religious. It is rooted in the worldly senses — taste, touch, sight, smell. Salt Lake has a lively culture committed to distinguished food and spirits. And contrary to popular belief about our city, you can access much of this culture by foot. This is a walkable town.

Adaptive Recreation: Fisher Towers River Rafting

Follow Bob Wassom, and a few others, as they raft down the Fisher Towers stretch of water near Moab proving outdoor adventures are for people of all abilities. With the help and resources of the National Ability Center (NAC), this river trek is another chapter in Wassom's story of how Mother Nature has been his great healer, both physically and emotionally.

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