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A Quick Guide to the Bonneville Salt Flats

A 12-by-5 mile stretch occupying 300,000 acres of Utah’s pristine west desert, the Bonneville Salt Flats is like no other place on earth. A salt crust ranging from a few inches to 5 feet thick forms a perfectly flat, uniform, blindingly white crust as far as the eye can see. The flats are about 12 miles long and five miles wide, covering about 46 square miles in total. Visitors from all around the world have traveled to see this pristine, otherworldly landscape about an hour and half west of Salt Lake City.

How-to Guide for Salt Lake City Conference Attendees: Food, Drink and Fun

Heading to Salt Lake City for a conference? Lucky you. When it comes to accessibility, facilities and overall experience, Salt Lake City is one of the best conference locations in the country. Here’s everything you need to know to get the most out of your time before, during, and after your conference in the city.

Insider's Guide to Hiking Rainbow Bridge National Monument

The iconic bridge, chiseled from Navajo sandstone, was once one of America’s most remote natural wonders, reached only by a multi-day hike or horseback ride down twisting canyons from Navajo Mountain. With the creation of Lake Powell from the construction of Glen Canyon Dam in 1964, Rainbow Bridge became accessible to the masses via a tour boat ride to a dock and short amble up a trail. For extremely well-prepared and thoughtful adventurers who want an unforgettable journey, there are two rugged trails that trek through squiggly canyons, and some of the wildest and least accessible country left in the lower 48 of the United States.

Best Trails for Horseback Riding Within an Hour of Salt Lake City

Escape the city and experience Utah the way settlers of yesteryear did — on horseback. Away from modern highways and busy city streets, you can breathe fresh air on trails through the forest, up mountains, and through the canyons surrounding Salt Lake City, along the metropolitan Wasatch Front.

5 Hot Springs for a Romantic Utah Long Weekend

For those seeking a slice of paradise to find a little time with their partner, the mineral-rich hot springs of Utah are a picture-perfect destination for a romantic getaway built for two. Dream-like turquoise waters, spectacular natural formations and the healing waters of nature’s finest mineral cocktail are just some of the charms an adventure to Utah’s thermal waters bring. Ranging from developed resort-style havens to remote natural pools that require a hike, these hot springs offer a relaxing and memorable outdoor adventure.

An Insider's Guide to Salt Lake City Neighborhoods

Salt Lake City is eclectic. Distinct neighborhoods each have a unique character, and visitors can have fun discovering its eccentricities. Here is a quick guide to some of the neighborhoods you may want to check out on your next trip to Salt Lake City.

The 10 Top Stops on the National Pioneer Mormon Heritage Area

Explore the National Pioneer Mormon Heritage Area backroads and byways to explore rich Mormon historic sites, awe-inspiring canyons and mountains and unforgettable outdoor adventures.

5 Best Ways to View Wild Horses in Utah

The opportunities for viewing wild horses in Utah are plentiful. Embarking on an adventure to track wild mustangs, however, requires planning, patience and self-sufficiency. Here are five things you need to do to increase the likelihood you will spot these majestic creatures and get the most of your adventure.

First to Vote: Salt Lake Suffrage Events & Exhibits in 2020

Salt Lake City has more standing suffrage sites than Seneca Falls, New York — home of the Women’s Rights National Historical Park. Celebrate Utah and the nation's suffrage anniversaries in 2020 with these events and exhibits.

Your Guide to Utah's Best Hot Springs

People have flocked to hot springs since ancient times, touting the healing and relaxation benefits of a soak in the mineral-filled waters. In modern times, we still love unwinding in thermal springs, and throughout Utah you’ll discover them in stunning natural settings that make the hikes and entrance fees to access them worthwhile.

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