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Where to See the Milky Way This Year

A quick drive from Salt Lake City to Antelope Island to a multi-day excursion deep in Monument Valley, numerous options await stargazers seeking to view the Milky Way of Utah’s pristine and beautiful dark skies.

Canyoneering Robbers Roost

A guided experience canyoneering in the remote Robbers Roost.

Canyoneering How-to

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned canyoneer, here are six expert tips for your next canyoneering adventure.

How to Stargaze in Utah

Astrotourism is easier than you think, especially in Utah where geological and geographical conditions make for the perfect place to stargaze from spaceship Earth. Learn how to view the Milky Way, get the best experience, and be humbled by Utah’s brilliant dark skies.

Soil Sleuth

Dr. Jayne Belnap is one of the world’s top experts on biological soil crusts. She’s a research ecologist for the U.S. Geological Survey working out of the Moab field office. Visit Utah writer Kristen Pope met Dr. Belnap to learn about the importance of these crusts to Utah's desert landscapes, and how to protect them.

The Ultimate Guide to Dinosaur Discovery While on a Trip to Utah

State-of-the-art museums dot the state beckoning you to experience prehistoric or head out to nature for on-site venues that will transport you back more than 150 million years. You’ll find yourself hunting for dino tracks embedded in red rock or walking along the most historically significant quarry sites in the world. See all the sites here.

Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway

The Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway provides the perfectly packaged road trip for the dinosaur enthusiasts to the outdoor adventurer. Utah attractions along the diamond-shaped loop brim with stunning geologic formations and world-renowned archeological and cultural sites.

Which Utah Ski Resort is Right for You?

Where to go? The real question is, “What kind of experience do you want?” Utah is more than skiing, even in winter. Each of its 14 resorts has a vibe as distinct as its terrain so guests can tailor their experience and enjoy More Mountain Time. Get a local’s insight on where to go.

Locals Know Why Ski School is Cool

Ski school is cool, and it’s where beginners to experts find the secrets to skiing (and Utah’s secret powder stashes). Learn to ski the entire resort from the industry’s best instructors — and even some Olympians.

A Utah Ski Vacation for Less

Shop for ski gear like a local. Know what to buy and where to find the best deals at home and on the mountain. Forget the faux fur and get save enough money to come back for spring skiing. Now, that is luxury!

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