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Eating Up Mount Timpanogos

Tour the agriculture and food culture surrounding Utah's iconic Mt. Timpanogos. The journey starts in Utah Valley and Provo then drives up Provo Canyon to Sundance and the Heber Valley.

Vernal Equinox: A New Season in Vernal, Utah

It's time to discover Vernal, Utah, a growing adventure outpost in eastern Utah where dinosaurs, ancient rock art, scenic drives, cool reservoirs and world-class fly-fishing come together.

Downtown Farmers Market

Discover one of the longest-running and largest farmers markets of its kind in the country. There’s a mix of vendors from more than 100 farms and ranches from within 250 miles of Salt Lake City, plus nearly 150 local artists during the season.

Valley of the Gods Bed & Breakfast

A beacon in the rugged and beautiful landscape of southeastern Utah, the Valley of the Gods B&B is a gem for travelers looking for a convenient, comfortable place to bed down during their outdoor adventures near the Four Corners region.

Selfie at Forrest Gump Point

It's fair to theorize that something intrinsic to this vast, iconic and sacred place, enabled Forrest Gump to finally come to terms with his past and find a way forward. It is a land that invites quiet introspection.

Hell's Backbone Grill

Boulder, Utah, is one of the most remote towns in the lower 48, surrounded by twisting rock towers, mountains, deserts & canyons. Culinarily speaking, however, Boulder has a truly big-time restaurant that puts most city dining to shame.

Uniquely Utah Après Ski Spa Experiences

Relax With These Seven Ski Resort Spa Experiences Only in Utah

Best Spots to Get Olympic Spirit

You may not be able to grab a real gold medal, but you can still get into winter sports in some of the same places that starred alongside Olympians more than a decade ago.

The Real Story Behind the Dinosaur Quarry

When you first enter the monument's Quarry Exhibit Hall and look at the 1,500 displayed fossils, you can’t help but ask yourself: Did paleontologists really discover the bones like this or artfully place them here for effect? The answer is the bones are just as nature arranged them more than 150 million years ago, deposited by an ancient stream.

The Story of Monument Valley

Ancient erosion and modern cinema joined forces to elevate Monument Valley to one of the world's most iconic places to visit — but it's also the sacred home of the Navajo people. Learn more about the history, size and scenes that define the Monument Valley Utah experience.

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