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Wasatch Yeti Bash: A Festival Unlike Any Other

Here’s what you can expect at one of Ogden’s most popular winter events, the Wasatch Yeti Bash. This event is free to attend and a big draw to the area celebrating Ogden’s role as a winter destination, art hub and overall fun place to be.

Mountains, Markets & Music: Spend 48 Hours Exploring Ogden

Sitting at the foot of the Wasatch Range north of Salt Lake City, Ogden is known for its proximity to trails and ski areas. However, Ogden’s lively historic district gives visitors plenty of other reasons to visit. Follow this detailed itinerary to pull off the ideal 48-hour escape in Ogden.

Two Trips, Two Worlds, Two Years Apart

A mother and her three kids return to Dinosaur National Monument for a multi-day rafting trip down the Green River with a local guide. Their previous trip, two years earlier, was a day trip to the fossil quarry. While the first visit was a unique experience, the multi-day trip gives them a greater appreciation for the park and its history.

Logan Canyon Trail Guide Roundup

Put on your hiking, biking or climbing shoes. We’re walking you through some of the best places to adventure on your trip through Logan Canyon.

Harnessing Passion: The Arctic Rescue Sled Dog Team

Once seen as “unadoptable,” these rescued pups have proven themselves unstoppable.

Insider's Guide to Park City

The more you know about Park City, the more tempted you'll be to call the valley home (or a home away from home). It's not unheard-of.

State Park Stargazing: Interacting With the Galaxy in Real Time

Camp Floyd State Park offers more than history to those who stick around after dark. With intense dark skies blanketing the atmosphere, stargazers of all ages gather to interact with the galaxy above.

A View From the Past

Follow a historian on a tour of the Transcontinental Railroad Backcountry Byway as he reconstructs forgotten history.

Desert Shutter Speed

Follow the steps of two photographers as they uncover a different side of the desert — a paradise of small inhabitants, wide-angle portrait phenomena and celestial sunsets and star-shows.

Blazing Sandals in North Lake Powell

If your trip plans to North Lake Powell only include going pseudo-yacht on a houseboat and riding jet skis, you're missing out. In this little pocket of the world, you can do things that you can’t do almost anywhere else.

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