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Guardians of the Old Spanish Trail

Discover the history and significance of the Old Spanish Trail as it crosses scarce deserts and an unexpected oasis with Bob Leonard, retired forest archaeologist and park ranger.

Journey Through Utah's History at This Is the Place Heritage State Park

This Is the Place Heritage State Park is filled with fun and history for children and those young at heart. It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon learning about Utah’s pioneer and Native American culture, taking train rides, petting animals and topping it all off with a piping hot donut.

The 46 Miles of Nine Mile Canyon

Follow Nine Mile Canyon Road into the rugged and remote Book Cliffs, where messages from the ancients interface with settlers of the West and modern ways of thinking.

Temple Square: The Geographical and Musical Heart of Salt Lake

Salt Lake City is often referred to as “a liberal bubble within a conservative state.” But where one expects to find incongruency between two cultures, parallels arise. An interview with the director of The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square reveals the influence of Mormons on the largely secular music scene in Salt Lake City.

A Confluence of Pioneer and Native American Heritage

Home to the historical Iron Mission, Cedar City’s rich pioneer heritage is encapsulated at the Frontier Homestead State Park. Step back in time in an antique school house or hop on the Well Fargo express carriage. Fun for all ages and a great place to explore all year round.

24 Hours in Cedar City

Historical Cedar City isn’t just a gateway to Utah’s national parks, it’s also an enjoyable destination in its own right. Whether you’re interested in regional art, delicious food or world-renowned theater, there’s something in town to make your stay memorable.

Brewing Up the Best

Northern Utah’s craft beer scene is on the rise with a nice mixture of long standing favorites and brand new breweries to choose from. After spending some time at each, Lindy Callahan has rounded up some of Northern Utah’s best breweries and is sharing what makes each of them unique.

Rediscovering A. Fisher Brewing Company

Whether you are visiting Utah for a week, or a local on the lookout for new places to explore, the craft beer scene is a great place to start planning your next Utah adventure. The experience is sure to be both satisfying and interesting with plenty of history to dig into and a diverse tap list to sample.

The History of River House (and How to Experience It Today)

Have you dreamed of setting foot in an ancient Southwestern dwelling, walking alongside walls of pictographs and rock carvings? Hiking the same desert landscape Native Americans and early pioneers? River House Ruin offers visitors a true taste of southern Utah’s storied history — here’s how to make the most of your exploration.

Sundance, Full Circle

Come for the films but stay for ... everything else. Whether you’re an out-of-state visitor or a local looking for celebrity sightings; staying at the Waldorf Astoria or driving up from your apartment set-up in your mother’s basement; on a marathon screening schedule or mixing in fine dining and the area's wintry recreation, Sundance Film Festival boasts films and experiences for everyone.

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