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Utah Liquor Laws Visitor Guide — Yes, You Can!

Misconceptions abound, but it's not hard for visitors to Utah to drink up. In preparation for your next visit to Utah, here’s what you need to know before you belly up to the bar or seek out a bottle of your favorite spirit.

Welcome to the 5%: New Liquor Laws Support Utah's Vibrant Craft Brew Scene

To outsiders, Utah’s liquor laws might seem a little archaic. And that’s despite a recent amendment that allowed beer of up to 5% ABV (alcohol by volume) to be sold in grocery stores and poured on draft, up from its previous limit of 4% (aka 3.2% by weight).

Fervor on Foot: Tracking Salt Lake's Food and Spirits

There is a movement here in Utah, and it is not religious. It is rooted in the worldly senses — taste, touch, sight, smell. Salt Lake has a lively culture committed to distinguished food and spirits. And contrary to popular belief about our city, you can access much of this culture by foot. This is a walkable town.

Sundance: The Story is Utah

For Utah's Sundance Film Festival's audiences and filmmakers, the Story is Utah, one with many visions and interpretations and where revolutions are encouraged.

Gleaning a Small Town's Harvest

Spring City is one of only two sites in the United States where the entire town is on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. It's Heritage Day, and the locals have gathered to celebrate their town's art, Scandinavian heritage and craze for historic preservation.

Turning Carbon Into Culture

A historic mining town built by the railroad stakes a future to world-class art, access to outdoor recreation and a tight-knit community with a welcoming small-town vibe.

The Voices of Bears Ears

Bears Ears National Monument is at the heart of southeastern Utah. These lands are imbued with layers of culture — layers of life. In this four-part video series, meet the locals who connect with the land in their own distinct ways.

Step Into an Artistic Vision

Karen Azenberg, artistic director of Pioneer Theatre Company, reveals the magic happening behind the scenes at this fully professional theatre in-residence at the University of Utah.

Discover an Outdoor Stage in Utah's Canyon of the Gods

Tuacahn Amphitheatre uses their natural red rock surroundings to enhance their musical productions, culminating in a live theatrical experience unlike anywhere else.

Arrive by Train

Follow author Tim Sullivan and his eight-year-old daughter as they travel by train, bus and bike on a "pilgrimage" to Golden Spike National Historic Site.

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