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Swingin' Steak

Outdoorsy types who find themselves in the breathtaking landscapes of southeastern Utah will find a satisfying meal in the down-home and delightfully quirky Swingin’ Steak restaurant, part of the equally unique Mexican Hat Lodge.

Navajo: Fry Bread, Tacos, Pizza

Despite its troubling origins, Navajo fry bread is an inspired food of the nation’s people, and it can be found in many forms with various names around the southwest.

Hell's Backbone Grill

Boulder, Utah, is one of the most remote towns in the lower 48, surrounded by twisting rock towers, mountains, deserts & canyons. Culinarily speaking, however, Boulder has a truly big-time restaurant that puts most city dining to shame.

Southern Utah Amateur Rodeos

People unfamiliar with America’s rural West might be under the impression that rodeos are just a relic from the region’s wild cowboy days of yore. But in Southern Utah, these competitions are still alive and well.

Marysvale: Miners Park and ATV

Sometime around 1865, prospectors discovered gold here and miners flocked to the area in droves. Miners’ Park, and the self-guided driving tour on the road that leads to it, shows the heyday of activity in Utah’s “Canyon of Gold.”

Digging Salt Lake City for 48 Hours

Ready to experience the life and culture of Utah's capital city? Salt Lake City's glistening new look reveals a town teeming with arts, nightlife and attitude that will leave you longing for just one extra play day — if not two.

Short List: Local Salt Lake City Nightlife Picks

Make the most of winter's shortened daylight by extending your Utah ski trip into the night. Sure, some resorts offer incredible night skiing — so, okay, after that — but then the night really gets going in downtown Ski City. Here are five favorite picks for dining and drinks after dark.

Vintage + Modern Après-Ski Spots

An act of celebration and relaxation, one simply must make time for apres-ski with your carving compadres after the lifts have closed.

Utah’s Best Local Craft Brew Picks

Here's the thing about the craft brewing scene in Utah: it's thriving. Craft breweries of all sizes can be found throughout the state of Utah and Utah-based breweries annually take home coveted medals from national and international competitions.

The Perfect Meal

Let us assume that we can extend both time and, more importantly, our maximum caloric intake. With our parameters set, we’ll take a foodie field trip through downtown Salt Lake City to create The Perfect Meal.

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