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Utah’s Women Make History

Walk in the footsteps of Utah’s earliest women’s suffrage leaders at sites throughout downtown Salt Lake City. Along the way, view public art installations commemorating voting rights and stop at trail-adjacent local women-owned businesses.

Utah’s Fruit Way: Harvest Time Along Old Highway 89

Headed to Bear Lake, Golden Spike National Historical Park, or the Bear Lake Migratory Bird Refuge? Stock up with fresh road-trip snacks and dinner provisions direct from family-run farm stands, all within a stone’s throw of the region’s many historic farms and orchards.

Why You Should Ditch I-15 on Your Way to Zion

If you’re not in a rush to get to Zion National Park from Northern Utah, consider taking a long, meandering route that features historic sites, adventure breaks and out-of-this-world scenery. Hop off I-15 and take Highway 89 and four nearby scenic byways to see and do as much as you possibly can on your way to Zion.

A Matter of Geological Consent

A billion years of geological history surrounds Salt Lake City, where a modern landscape reflects ancient constraints.

Art Deco in Motion: Ogden’s Creative Remodel

Visitors looking for Art Deco architecture and art often travel to New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. But the Intermountain West has preserved what may be Art Deco’s best-hidden gem: Ogden, Utah.

Where to See Women's Art in 2020

There’s no shortage of art galleries in Salt Lake City and across the Wasatch Front. Beyond the major metropolitan areas, there are also small artist communities across the state where artists seeking a slower pace have flocked for decades. Here are a few recommendations for where you can experience art in Utah.

The Art of Supporting Utah Artists

There are many ways to keep Utah’s wild beauty close. One is getting outside and exploring it, while another is filling your personal spaces with artwork that reminds you of landscapes you love. Here’s a look at six local artists whose work draws upon Utah’s diverse environments as inspiration.

Salt Lake City’s Must-See Street Art

While adding texture to Salt Lake City as a whole, the more than 80 murals and art installations are evidence that a specific stairwell, wall or building can have its own story to tell.

Salt Lake City’s Rainbow Colors Fly Year Round

You might be surprised to learn that Salt Lake City has a higher percentage of people self-identifying as gay than Los Angeles. Surprised? It might be that you haven’t spent much time lately in this gay-friendly town.

Utah Female Artists Explore the Sublime Through Art

Here are excerpts from conversations with 14 artists, whose work — across a variety of mediums — represent a female renaissance in Utah-anchored art.

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