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Resiliency Road Trip

The emergence of small Utah towns like Moab and Helper offer an inspiring backdrop for a road trip focused on reinvention.

Bikepacking through Time in the San Rafael Swell

We're miles away from civilization here in southeastern Utah’s San Rafael Swell, and we carry everything we need on our bikes. This is the type of adventure I've longed for, a trip that reminds us of our self-worth, resilience, and how little we actually need to survive.

A Van Lifer’s Guide to Responsible Travel in Southern Utah

When Utah’s dirt roads are calling you, it’s time to plan your van life road trip. Here’s what you need to know to travel safely, protect Utah’s rural communities, and help preserve sensitive desert landscapes.

A First-ever Camping Trip on BLM Lands

As a new resident of the western United States, I’ve discovered the gift of recreating on public lands. Though daunting at first, after researching and waiting too long, the time finally felt right to try camping on BLM lands in Utah’s dinosaur country. There is no shame in trying something new.

How to Camp on Utah’s BLM Lands

In Utah, miles of public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) sprawl across the landscape ready for adventurers to camp and recreate within them. Read these insights and tips gathered from a novice’s first-ever camping trip on BLM and public lands to gain the confidence you need to recreate happily and respectfully on Utah’s public lands.

Tour de Farmtown: A City Slicker’s Guide to Cycling Cache Valley

Cache Valley’s small enough that you can cross its width and strike out six to seven farm towns in a single afternoon. At each point on the compass, there’s a new community to explore, all with rich pioneer histories. Perched in the north are the cow-dotted hills of Clarkston and Richmond. Ride to the center of the valley, and you’ll find yourself looping around the Bear River with a stellar view of the Wellsvilles and an occasional pelican or sand crane flapping overhead.

Lakeside Near Torrey: Three Ways

While lake time in the high desert may seem counterintuitive, the Torrey-area is not your cookie-cutter destination. Here we offer three places to cool off on the red rock road-less-traveled.

At 50, the Spiral Jetty, Utah’s Most Iconic Land Art Sculpture, Keeps Drawing a Crowd

In April 1970, it took six days, 625 man-hours, 292 truck-hours, $9,000, and 6,500 tons of basalt, limestone and mud to construct the Spiral Jetty. Just a few years later, Utah’s most iconic outside sculpture was already enshrined in art history books.

A Trail Town Where Social Distancing Was Always the Point

Park City’s trails aren’t merely adjacent to town, they’ve been woven into the place: physically through connector trails; logistically through designated art walks and pub crawls; and metaphorically as well. Trail networks are often called webs. Here, each trail is another fibrous strand of that web, holding Park City together as a community.

Why You Should Ditch I-15 on Your Way to Zion

If you’re not in a rush to get to Zion National Park from Northern Utah, consider taking a long, meandering route that features historic sites, adventure breaks and out-of-this-world scenery. Hop off I-15 and take Highway 89 and four nearby scenic byways to see and do as much as you possibly can on your way to Zion.

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