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Living Legends

Jan 10, 2014 - Jan 11 , 2037
For more than 40 years, BYU students with a heritage of Native American, Polynesian and Latin American backgrounds have…
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Half Marathon, 10k and 5k

Oct 5, 2014 - Jan 1 , 2037
The North Face Endurance Challenge introduces its first ever Utah event! Trail running races include: 50M, 50k,…
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Gallery Walk

Oct 10, 2014 - Jan 1 , 2037
Presented by the Cache Valley Center for the Arts, the Gallery Walk occurs in downtown Logan on the second Friday of…
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Hiking in Northern Utah, Wasatch, Mountains, Recreation

Hiking in Northern Utah

Utah's diverse trails provide hiking opportunities for any adventure - hidden canyons, pristine forests, and challenging redrock, for starters.

Things To Do in Utah

As you plan your Utah vacation, it may be helpful to be aware of just how much the state has to offer. An example itinerary to Utah may begin as a visit to the state's spectacular national parks or for unbeatable powder skiing at one of our world class ski resorts.

You can greatly enrich the meaning and memory of your trip by exploring the rich tapestry of attractions beyond our parks and skiing. Museums, festivals, culinary fare, nightlife, shopping, Utah has it all.

The new Utah Museum of Natural History's mission is to deepen peoples' understanding of their lives in or visit to Utah. Featured in the museum is a look at the state's ecosystems, fossil record, native cultures, water and energy cycles, and the forces that shape and sustain life here. Imagine a visit here, to the "Trailhead to Utah," prior to embarking on your journey to the natural wonders found throughout the state. Your visit could mean that much more! It's truly a wonder and the building, itself, is an architectural marvel.

Skiers and snowboarders who visit Utah might be surprised to discover Utah's countless restaurants and of its lively nightlife. Families could greatly enhance their visit by learning of the many excellent family fun-oriented things to see and do all over the state, like a trip to The Leonardo, Utah Museum of Contemporary ArtHogle Zoo, Lagoon Amusement Park, the Utah Children's Museum, the Living Planet Aquarium, Clark Planetarium and the list goes on and on.

To view a map with all of your favorite places, click here.

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