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Jan 10, 2014 - Jan 11 , 2037
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Jan 13, 2014 - Oct 13 , 2014
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Grafton Ghost Town, Utah

Grafton Ghost Town

Many of Utah’s ghost towns originate back to the great mining boom of the mid-to-late 19th century and are evidence of the colorful history of the Old West.

Utah Ghost Towns

Every ghost town has a story to tell. They are often reminders of long forgotten dreams, hopes, struggles, and gradual decline. Sometimes left behind are abandoned homes and buildings. Other times, there's just a hole in the ground and a few scattered boards. But every one of these dusty towns pays homage to the memories of those who lived and died there.

The majority of Utah's counties have several to numerous ghost towns, most of which can be found online with detailed accounts of their history. There are also excellent books on Utah ghost towns available, complete with maps and detailed accounts of their origins and demise.

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