10 Reasons Why Utah Snowkiting is Your Next Big Winter Thing 

All photos by Jeremiah Watt:

1. Obey Your Mother

Momma always said to go play outside. Catch some pure sun in the thin, exhilarating air of 10,000 feet (and wear sunscreen)....

2. Choose Your Own Adventure

Snowkiting is a serious freestyle sport...

3. Master Puppetry

You are the puppet master. The wind is your puppet....

4. Race With the Wind

Big winds can catapult skiers and borders up to 50 mph....

5. Win at Everything

Gold medal in long jump. Big gusty updrafts can carry skiers up to 100 feet....

6. Toy with Physics

Surf some big powder and jump drifts like Marty McFly. Orange puff vest included....

7. Experience Something Sublime

Feel the interaction of the elements: the wind, the sun, the earth, the snow and the fire of your own soul....

8. Get a Sense of Space

You'll tell tales of the vast beauty of the Wasatch Plateau and the Manti-La Sal National Forest....

9. Yield to the Setting Sun

Give obeisance to its noble work and bid the sun a good night's rest....

10. Earn That Drink

Speaks for itself. Play hard, relax easy. Let's pick this up again tomorrow.... see more »

Postcards From the Road: Skyline AdventureSnowkite Utah! Photo by Jeremiah Watt

Where in the World:

Where else but Utah? Skyline Drive in the Manti-La Sal National Forest of Central Utah, to be precise.

Get There:

From Salt Lake City head south on Interstate 15 to U.S. Highway 89 at Spanish Fork. Follow 89 to state Route 31 and from the Sanpete Valley head for the hills. | Map


New to Snowkiting? Get some knowledge from the Utah Snowkite Center.

Snowkite Utah! 

Thanks to a wide diversity of terrain and The Greatest Snow on Earth®, Utah continues to redefine freestyle winter sports.

This time, our pursuit of frosty thrills takes us off the populous Wasatch Front, and lands us on Central Utah's Wasatch Plateau in Sanpete County, which boasts some of the globe's most ideal conditions for snowkiting.

Snowkiting, or kite skiing/boarding marries the unlikely bedfellows of skis or snowboards and paragliding-like sails into one very GoPro-friendly activity.

The Utah Skyline Drive Snowkiting Area blends crosswind attacks ranging from 5 to 20 mph at a breathtaking 10,000 feet with the natural splendor of Utah's high country.

You'll be hooked once you see renowned outdoor photographer Jeremiah Watt take on this mountain frontier to capture perfect conditions for a killer day of snowkiting.