Friday Round Up: Life Elevating Stories, May 31 Edition

Our office is all about life elevating experiences, people and stories. That's the beauty of travel, adventure and exploration--they take you out of the daily grind and allow you to live life more fully.

That's why we're always thrilled when people share their life elevating stories with us. Today, we wanted to feature a trio of great stories our readers and partners have submitted.

How Much Can You Do In 24 Hours in Utah?
We always say that weekends are too short, with too much playing to do and too little time. We're humbled by Greg Paul, one of the owners of the awesome Momentum Climbing Gym, because he certainly makes the most of his days off. He packed skiing, rock climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, hiking and even wake surfing on Utah lake into one, very busy, thirty-hour stretch of weekend. Read about his adventures on his Greg On Top of The World blog. Greg Paul - 5 Sports in 30 hours

1000 Miles: Memory Montage From An Epic Road Trip
Have you ever been on an epic road trip? The kind where the scenery is captivating and your playlist just keeps on spinning the perfect music to accompany the journey. 1,000 Miles by Candice and Daniel Azulai Bittencourt distills the memories from their epic road trip through Utah, Nevada and Arizona into a sixty-second video montage. Watch it and feel the flood of memories from your own road trips come rushing back.

1000 miles from daniel azulai bittencourt on Vimeo.


Life Elevated On Moab's Infamous Portal Trail
Some people take Utah's Life Elevated motto quite literally. Chris Olsen submitted this photo to us and our office was abuzz with the bravado of the riders and appreciation for Chris to share this perspective with our readers.

Chris Olsen - Portal Trail

Do you have a life elevating story you'd like to share with us? Drop us a line in the comments below or send us an email at jkinghorn {at} utah {dot} gov. We'd love to hear from you.