Burro Wash - Image © Stott T. Smith
The beauty of Capitol Reef National Park is not as obvious as the other Parks in Utah’s Mighty 5. Instead, the Park reveals itself by getting off the beaten path in the many washes and slot canyons of varying sizes and difficulty tucked away in the Waterpocket Fold. Burro wash is a great place to start exploring these hidden treasures.  It has been many years since I hiked Burro Wash, but it has left a lasting impression on me and I remember it fondly.  

The Burro wash hike begins as a flat, sandy, dry stream bed which, after a couple miles, leads to a slot canyon that features all of Canyon Country’s great attributes; large chockstones, pools of water, narrow sections of canyon just wide enough to squeeze through and open sections with great views of the surrounding Navajo sandstone.  We had a great time climbing over boulders, sliding through the slots and exploring the canyon.  We hiked the wash in the summer so the pools were not deep and the shady canyon offered a wonderful respite from the heat.

About four miles from the trailhead we arrived at the dryfall, which marks the end of the trail.  The canyon walls are about 30 feet high here and the floor is a fine sand.  We spent almost an hour at the dryfall, talking, enjoying the peace and quiet of the canyon and the view of the blue sky above.   The return trip to the car was just as much fun, giving us the opportunity to explore slightly different routes over familiar obstacles.  I will always remember this experience and look forward to taking my kids back to the park so they can create their own memories of Burro Wash.