I’ll never forget the year I got a bag of Cheetos as Chocolatesa Valentine’s Day gift. Really? Sure, it’s a great snack, but powdered cheese puffy things remind someone of me? The relationship didn’t work out but I really do wish “him” well. Good luck with showering your new wife with affectionate snack food this year, mister.

What I really want for Valentine’s Day is traditional romance. Like chocolate. And roses. And chocolate roses, chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate fondue, hot chocolate with tiny heart marshmallows…. well, you get the point. Thankfully, Garden City knows my true desires and won’t let me down. The 7th Annual Bear Lake Chocolate & Craft Festival will be held February 15th & 16th at the Garden City Offices. Sure, it's a day after the big day, but what a fun way to stretch the holdiay out.    

This year’s food vendors include Blue Bird Candy Co., Chad’s Raspberry Kitchen, Cooper’s Restaurant, Janelle Lee’s Cupcakes and Chocolates, Nature Baked Granola, Terry’s Candy Cottage, Twilla’s Gourmet Fudge, and Velata Chocolate. Whew, I just know that my head, and heart, will explode with love just from the samples.

If you need extra points with your sweetheart, or just because you deserve it, pick up your non-edible gifts after your chocolate quest. This year’s craft vendor gifts include candles, woodwork, antiques, reading material, jewelry, pottery, quilts, and aprons. Go romance!

The 7th Annual Bear Lake Chocolate & Craft Festival is Feb 15th 3:00 – 7:00 pm, and Saturday Feb. 16th 10:00 am – 7:00 pm at the Garden City, Utah City Offices, 300 W. Highway 89. For more information, visits the website at www.bearlakechocolatefestival.blogspot.com